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One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is: ‘Where do you get all your fabric from?’

It’s a simple question, but the answer is not so straightforward! In fact, the answer could take all day……so I’ll give you the short answer.

I source fabric and embellishments from EVERYWHERE!!!


No matter when, where or how I source my textiles, trims and embellishments there is a common thread; they must be incredible quality and I must gravitate to the colour, texture, pattern and detail of each and every piece – otherwise it doesn’t make the cut into my studio.

My method of sourcing is time consuming and definitely doesn’t lend itself to a mass production model, but that’s why my designs are special and unique.

I have been lucky enough to travel to Paris, Hong Kong and the West Coast of the USA in the last couple of years. I have sourced some wonderful vintage and modern materials during my travels.

I have also been given access to some super exclusive fabric stashes of people who have collected for many years. It may be ex-interior designers who are down-sizing or textile designers who are friends and have been generous enough to let me view their collections and purchase select pieces. I have even been gifted some beautiful fabrics from people who are just pleased to see me re-purpose them in a new design. I am always so touched when people let me into their treasure trove of textiles.

I trawl Etsy and other websites for unique fabrics and embellishments that fit my eclectic, bespoke style and have made some wonderful contacts with suppliers around the world, from countries including Japan, France, Israel, Canada, India and Greece.

I adore flea markets and op shops and the thrill of the hunt, so I always do at least a quick scan for any vintage treasure in these types of places.

Interior designers often have smaller quantities of the best fabrics that can be utilised and made to shine in my one-off designs. I have been lucky enough to meet and purchase from, some of the best interior designers in the business who stock fabrics from design houses such as Designers Guild.

There are some fabulous Southern Highlands’ businesses that sell incredible fabrics from around the world. Suite Recovery in Mittagong, Loom Fabrics in Bowral, Provincial Fabric House in Mittagong, Lizzi Yulli & Co in Bowral and Interiors For You in Bowral are some of my regular haunts. I also have several Sydney-based textile businesses that I frequent often on sourcing expeditions.

Sooooooo, part of what I love about my business is the quest for the best! The idea of only sourcing from one or two places I find stifling in the creative process. My method of sourcing from an eclectic mix of businesses and individuals, local and abroad, helps me deliver on my one-of-a-kind design philosophy and ensures my creations are full of surprises.

I have ready-made designs available online or you can email me with custom design enquires for home or fashion pieces, I’ll happily raid my fabric stash and send you some concepts to consider.


This self-confessed fabric addict is signing off for now.

Elizabeth x



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