The one fine day I visited Nathalie Lete's studio in Paris

I had been admiring Nathalie Lete's work from afar for some years. In the lead up to my trip to Paris in 2016 for my brother's wedding, I decided that visiting her studio had to be on my ultimate 'wish list' for this trip. 

My eldest daughter & I in Paris. 

I first encountered Nathalie's artistic talent via a collaboration she did with Anthropologie in the USA. Her work is bright, quirky, a little surreal at times and always distinct. I find myself drawn in by her creations.

Before leaving for Paris I contacted Nathalie via email to request a studio visit and to my absolute delight it happened that she was in Paris at the time and was happy to welcome me to her studio.

A change room in a boutique in Paris.

I was overwhelmed as soon as I entered the space. It was overflowing with paintings, art installations, textiles, toys and her pet canary was chirping away contentedly. Nearly every inch of the large studio was filled, absolutely jam-packed with beauty.

Everywhere I looked I saw something (or several things!) that I loved. It was a treasure trove of inspiration. I was tempted to book a shipping container on the spot to fill and send back to Australia. Instead, I restrained myself & hand-picked some select & stunning fabrics and an artwork for our home that Nathalie kindly signed for us.

One of Nathalie's signature fabrics. 

Nathalie was very welcoming and allowed me & my family to explore her studio space at our own pace. We stayed for about an hour, chatting with Nathalie & relaxing on the amazing lounge covered in one of her signature, designer fabrics while she worked a little too.

On departure she gave my girls a small gift and we had a little hug.

I left feeling in awe of her creative ability and her grace. I also left with fabric that I could use in my one-off PieceByPieceHome creations. It certainly was one fine day. 

Pics snapped in Nathalie's studio, including her holding our signed, limited edition print.

Below are some of the PieceByPieceHome fashion & home creations I designed & had stitched by a local dressmaker after I returned to my Bowral studio.

The two final PieceByPieceHome, one-off creations featuring Nathalie's de roses de fleur fabric can be found here:

one-off clutch: Nathalie Lete golden

one-off clutch: Nathalie Lete checker


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