Every creator's dream client (shhhh)

Guess what? I have one! My dream client will remain anonymous but I want to let you in on how lucky I am to have a collector of my pieces who genuinely gets joy from my textile creations (which makes me immensely happy too!)

This dream client first approached me about a year ago after she spotted me carrying one of my one-of-a-kind handbags. I custom made her a similar piece which she loved (much to my excitement and relief).

She has since purchased multiple pieces from me. She never instructs me, just jumps on particular items that she sees me post on social media, or even particular fabrics that she adores and commissions me to create pieces just for her – whether it be fashion or home decor one-offs.

Over time, I have had the privilege to discover that she comes from a family who have a long and distinguished history in the fashion industry or ‘rag trade’.  She is a textile lover and witnessed the design and production process via her family business from a very young age. She recalled helping with coat hangers for the garments from age four, she was then promoted to tagging garments!

She doesn’t work in this industry now (she holds another position that she finds extremely rewarding personally and professionally) but her love of fabric is clearly still flowing through her veins.

 “The craftsmanship and care given to the design and creation of each piece resembles that of days gone by. Thank you, Liz, for sharing your talent and love of beautiful fabric.” Anonymous dream client.

I feel honoured and so flattered that she admires my work and is filling her home with my creations.

Thank you dream client! (you know who you are) Elizabeth xx

Artwork credit: Portrait of me (Elizabeth Pilkington) by Zoe Young 2017.

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I know this dream client- I have known her for 32 years now. Your pieces are a perfect fit for her.

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