Finding joy in the little things

I don't find every day fun-filled or easy. I'm human. 

As life continues to unfold, naturally both the joyous and the sad times keep accumulating.

I was inspired recently by reading Sophie Blackall's book 'Things to Look Forward To.' In the introduction she wrote about my uncle Nick, "the dear, queer father of her children", who died tragically and unexpectedly in 2020. 

"The thunderclouds really rolled in then, and for a while I struggled to find any rays of hope," Sophie wrote.

But one morning, while standing under a hot shower, Sophie pragmatically decided she needed to make a list of 'Things to Look Forward To.' 

This moving and relatable book is what followed. 

Image of Sophie Blackall's illustration from her 'Things to Look Forward To' book.

The foundation of joy in my life is undoubtedly people. My beloved family, my many and varied friends and the other great people who I may have shared moments of connection with; through jobs, creative endeavors, friends of friends, standing in the checkout line, or walking my dog. 

I wanted to highlight some of the much smaller, joyful things that I come across day to day. The little things.

This list of 10 joyful encounters, inspired by Sophie's book, is certainly not an exhaustive list; it's a mere glimmer of just some of the things that make me feel joy - sometimes unexpectedly.

It's the little things

1. The tiny flower that pops up between the concrete and the bricks. I'd never pick it - it's worked to hard to be there!

2. Getting my nails done. It's a little self-care thing for me that makes me feel that extra bit polished (pardon the pun).

3. Finding treasure in an op shop or flea market. It's the thrill of the chase, the hunt to find something special, that's ready for it's next life with me. I found my daughter a pair of Channel shoes recently....that was joyous!

4. A gin and soda at the start of a long-haul plane flight...or maybe two of them.

5. Flicking fashion and home magazines. I say flicking, as it's the visual experience for me. The colour palettes, composition and the headlines. 

Image of Loewe advert in British Vogue.

6. A choc-top at the cinema. An ice cream at home while watching Netflix isn't the same. At all.

7. Seeing the delight on someone's face when you give them a genuine compliment. 

Image credit: @boldberlin via Instagram

8. Supporting people who put themselves out there by creating things. I buy from artists and makers whenever my budget allows. 

Earrings by friend, artist and maker, Louisa de Haas

9. Wrapping gifts beautifully so the present receiver always feels extra special. Details do matter. 

10. Mixing and matching textiles and embellishments. Playing around....and having that YES! moment when the combination is just right. Oh the satisfaction and the joy!

I hope you can find some unexpected joy in some little things today. Beauty really is everywhere. 

Elizabeth x

Piece By Piece Home Designer and small business owner.


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