a deer in headlights

It was a mix of absolute delight and dread that I found myself featured in the Spring Escape Southern Highlands magazine.

Of course I feel so grateful to receive media coverage about my small business and Alex Speed, the journalist and editor of the magazine, was wonderful to work with, but it was nerve-wracking to really 'put myself out there'. 

Having had a previous career in corporate communications, I am very accustomed to helping put businesses or other individuals in the spotlight....I had just never done it for myself!

The article is genuine and reveals the path I took to founding PieceByPieceHome. It's a long-held passion for me that has now become a business. I love to lose myself in my fabric cave (studio) and dedicate my full-attention to mixing and matching fabrics, textures and techniques to create one-off pieces that I hope the new owner will adore.

I honestly feel so buoyed every time someone makes the decision to purchase one of my pieces, or even if they just like the look of them! 

Thanks to the Escape Southern Highlands team for including me in your beautiful publication. 

Elizabeth xx

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Your husband

So proud of you my darling wife! I love you. Xx

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