A new studio, the same creative obsession

A new chapter

A couple of years ago we sold our beautiful cottage in Bowral that had been home for 10+ years and embarked on a whole new chapter. Please note: a fellow creative purchased Gnangarra and she is in very good hands :)

Spending some time overseas and building a new home were both essential elements of our next adventure. 

Having secured a dream, vacant block in the heart of historic Berrima, Southern Highlands NSW, we set about designing a new place to live and work. Having a studio space, separate from the main house, was always part of the plan.

With the support of Alexander Symes Architect, Sembrano Design and Rofe Build we created a special place, built around established trees, that feels like it's been here forever. 

I'm now in my NEW creative space

It's got wonderful high ceilings, an attic for storage, white walls and space to display my textiles and embellishments. It's a creative space that's fueling my on-going passion for one-off pieces - full of details and surprises. 

Truth be told, I moved into my new studio about five months ago...and I'm still unpacking some boxes! It takes time, and I'm taking my time, enjoying the process of rediscovering the treasure that I packed into boxes two years ago. 

Sharing my space with you

It's a private studio, but a place that I do intend to share in the future. When the pandemic subsides and we have some freedoms to explore again, I do intend to host small, sporadic, exclusive events in my studio space. Think champagne on a Friday, early evening, while you peruse my latest creations at your leisure. 

The Piece By Piece Home story continues

So I've entered a new chapter and it feels good. I launched this small business over 5+ years ago now and I remain in love with it. Despite every piece being unique, I'm not running short of ideas.

I'm grateful to the dressmakers who stitch my designs to life and of course my wonderful customers! I have shipped hundreds of pieces to far-flung places including New York, USA, Tenterfield in regional NSW, Bundaberg QLD, Yarraville VIC and suburbs all over Sydney and the Southern Highlands.

And long may it continue!

Thankyou, from one very grateful small business owner. 

Elizabeth xx


I had a stamp custom made by Darling Mills Studio of my studio building. When you see this stamp on the packaging of your next order, you'll know exactly where your order has come from :)

View and shop one-off pieces now :)






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